Monday, February 4, 2008

Back At It

The Holidays were a killer on the Pickle's progress. But we are back at it. The last time we worked on her, the grill was stuck on the front of the car. All of the screws that were securing the grill were rusted on. I got a 30-gallon compressor for Christmas but I didn't have the one thing I needed to get the grill off, a cutting

My wife shows one of our Great Danes in dog shows, so I stole her Dremel tool which she uses to grind the dog's nails. Its a high speed one that has a cutting wheel. So we took the Dremel to the grill. We pulled the grill away from the body enough to get the wheel behind it and cut through the screws.

We were finally able to remove the old grill.

We were also able to get the bumper and that pan behind it off. That wasn't too bad.

The old grill is really rusted and I found another one on eBay. There is only a little spot of surface rust on the side of one of the teeth of the new grill.

One of the previous owners removed the back up lights and placed them in the front fenders under the headlights.

Then the brake lights went out at some point and they put red lenses where the back up lights used to be and had that jerry-rigged for the brake lights. I ordered new lenses for the brake lights and after Mom polished the rings up, they were installed.

Though not wired, I was really happy to get them in. It was the first aesthetic thing we did to the car. We were probably more excited to see that than we should have been, but it was really cool to see them in.

And finally, I continued to sand the driver's side of the car. I finished the door.
I found some small pin hole of rot under the paint. I think those can be filled with MIG.

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