Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Cool Hot Rod....A Lesson in Rodding Courtesy

This is an educational video that was created in the 1950's to help improve the rodders' image. In the mid 50's, hot rodders got a bad reputation because of the street racing and the perception was that they had become a general nuisance on the road. There was a movement to try to change that image. Car clubs would assist stranded motorists and get involved in other philanthropic endeavors in an attempt to change their image.

Eventually, hot rodding moved off of the streets and to the drag strip, beaches and salt flats around this great country of ours. This two-part film was part of the effort to try to change the minds of the rodders as well as their image in the community. The narration is my favorite part, it is straight out of the fifties: corny by today's standard, but still cool after all of these years. Enjoy.



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