Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Making of "The Pickle's First Run."

Not that anyone cares, but I wanted to post some of the footage of the ONLY day that the Pickle has been driven since I've owned it.  It hadn't been licensed since 1978, and had only been driven by the previous owner one time in the three years he owned it.

Its a day I remember fondly, and relive in my mind often, but, at the same time, makes every day after that much more unbearable because I can't drive it.  So I compiled all of that footage from September 2nd, 2008, and posted here in a tongue and cheek behind the scenes look at that day.  Any appearance of my being cool will be decimated by the geeky smile I had that day.  But it was a great day....a great day that ended abruptly when I stalled the car in front of my neighbors house and couldn't get it restarted.

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