Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back At It...

After a long hot summer of changing diapers, we were able to get back in the garage without melting our brains.

The steering wheel that was attached to the Pickle was very pitted and even warped. So we took a trek out to Desert Vally Auto Parts to see what we could find.  We found a steering wheel, it had a few cracks, but it was in better shape than the one we had. 

So I bought some epoxy and patched the cracks and let that cure for a day or two. The dash was a mess so we bought some primer and got to paintin'. Just to break up the black we went with the oxide.

Once the epoxy was good and set, I sanded the crap out of it and got it nice and smooth. But when I went to reassemble everything, I had a steering wheel from a different model Pontiac, and the horn piece didn't fit. I was able to find the right piece on eBay. The bad thing was that my horn button had the cool Indian head profile. This one had the Pontiac script with the diamond symbol, and they were not interchangeable. But the important thing was that it was functional.

Here you can see the epoxy patches as well.

 In an earlier post, I talked  about getting a Bob's Big Boy suicide knob.  Sadly when I got it, I found it to be very cheaply made and was not going to be functional.  I probably wouldn't use it, but I figure the prospect of having it break off mid turn was bad, very bad.

So I had come across a Hollywood knob, again, on eBay.  The guy who had it don't think knew what he had.  He had it listed for $5.00.  So when I got it, and it wasn't broken, I was pumped.  It has some very cool metal flake on the back.  Great purchase.

I have to figure out how, if I can, get the steering wheel painted.  Not sure how to get that done and not have the paint rub off.  Any suggestions???

Lastly, my buddy Chris told me that I had to have a tachometer.  He is a muscle car guy (owning a beautiful Chevelle SS) and I wasn't sure I wanted a tach.  He said we would need one for setting idle and for tuning.  I conceded.  But I didn't want a new one.  I found a guy selling parts to a wrecked '69 Superbird.  The dude had a Sun SuperTach II for almost nothing.  The tach was all I could afford of the Suberbird, but I thought it was cool since it has some racing history behind it.

Next we have to get the front end rebuilt, cut the drive shaft, and finish wiring,,,easy stuff...right?

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