Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Pickle Make-Over

Well, sadly, all of the green house paint is off of the Pickle. The small dents are being worked out. Here are a few pictures.

Ron from Ron's Just Chevy's
was able to weld in all of the new sheet metal for the trunk. It has all been primered. It was originally primered grey, but was changed to black. It just looked cooler.

As the Pickle gets re-assembled, we need to replace some of the missing parts. Because the car is not a Chevy or Ford, the after-market for Pontiacs is limited to California Pontiac Restoration. And if you can't find it there you are screwed. So, I was off to Deer Valley Auto Parts, which is a salvage yard in Casa Grande.

I needed a hood release and found ONE on the very last 1950 Pontiac we came across.

So now all of the new bushings for the front end are on order and probably within the next couple of weeks we are going to fire up the engine for the first time. Stay tuned.


DaxxRuckus said...

Hey I've been tracking your restoration of this monster all along, and have loved your blog!

I have a '56 star chief, so believe me I know how hard it is to track down parts for these things, but you are not just limited to CPR. Try checking out Ames Performance Engineering ( and Kanter Auto Parts (, they both have a lot of classic Poncho-specific stuff.

Keep up the good work!

Ian (San Diego, CA)

check out my pontiac on my blog - (there are a ton of Poncho related posts)

The Pickle said...

Thanks Bro,
I wrote you a PM on your site. Thanks for following the progress.


RodBurNeR *Bob Black* said...

Nice work! I wish I had a project, waiting until we move again so there is "room".....right now only space to park our daily drivers in. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will follow yours.