Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cart Before the Horse

I got some cool stuff for Christmas. Granted, they are a little premature since the Pickle is not even running. But I am still excited.

I got my shifter knob. It was a gift from my parents when we went to the Good Guys car show in Phoenix last November. It is a drag racer with a German army helmet and some old school breathing/fire gear.

My brother, Matt, is an amazing painter. He painted this miniature of Wyatt Earp for me. He won second place his first time out in a huge modeling show in California.

So Matt already has some cool ideas for the knob.

Additionally, I got a necker knob, suicide knob, or Brody knob...whatever you want to call it.

Here in Phoenix, back in the 50's and 60's, there was a Bob's Big Boy at Central Avenue and Thomas Road. Cruisers used to start at the Phoenix Public Library at Central and McDowell Road. They would cruise northbound on Central. Just past Encanto Boulevard the curb lane traffic used to come to a stand still as the cruisers patiently waited their turn to pull into the parking lot of the Bob's Big Boy. Once in the parking lot, they would slowly drive through to see and be seen. Then it was out the other side and southbound on Central towards the library parking lot, which was the turn-around point. So to commemorate those days, I got the Bob's necker knob.

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