Saturday, January 17, 2009

Front Clip Frenzy

We had to remove the front clip to make room for the new engine. With my lack of even a basic knowledge of how the front end was attached to the frame and body, this was a daunting task to say the least. We took a lot of photos and tried to keep as much ot the interior structure together as we could (a great idea by Dad).

Numerous bolts and screws were so old and/or rusted that they had to be cut out or ground out.

But ultimately we were successful. I am just not sure where to put all of the parts. Thank God I have an understanding wife. Luckily, her hobby includes showing Great Danes, which means we have four Great Danes. They are all inside dogs and they take turns sleeping in our bed with us. So, although it is not needed, it provides me with a little bargaining power.

So we were able to get the front clip off. We took our time with some putty knives and screwdrivers to try to get the 58 years of road grime, grease, and God-knows-what-all from the suspension and undercarriage.

We started out early in the morning, and when it was all done, it made for a long day.

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