Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How many pieces does this thing have?

Not being incredibly mechanically inclined, I was very nervous about tackling a Carter Carb rebuild. We got the kit from Kanter. It looked easy enough, some gaskets, some screws and some pins.

How hard could this be, right?

Well the instructions were a joke. They actually said, "Disassemble the carburetor. When reassembling the carburetor, do so in reverse order after replacing the parts in this kit."


There were no other instructions, so we took a million photos and took everything apart. We were looking at the linkage thinking, no way are we going to be able to get this all back together.

Slowly and methodically we took it apart.

We went picture by picture to reassemble this thing. There were times we thought there was NO WAY. But when it was all said and done....

Now hopefully it doesn't set the car on fire.

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