Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stripping the Parts

Last Tuesday we removed the master cylinder and replaced it with one purchased from Kanter. After having a little difficulty reattachng the brake lines, we found that the master cylinder had a leak. So we sent it back to Kanter for "evaluation." (?)...

So we shall see.

Today we pulled the gas tank and removed the sending unit. It looks like one of the previous owners bottomed out and smashed the bottom of the gas tank. No holes though. It may have just lessened the capacity of the tank.

After removing 57 years of crap around the sending unit cap, we got the screws out and we were able to remove the unit. It was frozen solid and immovable.

"What the Hell is THIS??"

When we got it out, we soaked it in parts cleaner. My parents swore by the parts cleaner. Sure-as-shit after about an hour, the float moved freely up and down between "full" and "empty."

We also removed the oil-filled air cleaner to get to the carb. This stock air filter is in great condition. Maybe I could get a few dollars for it on eBay. We removed the carb so we could rebuild it and clean it. So I have no way of knowing how that will go....

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