Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Pickle Finds a New Home

In August of 2006 I was at the end of my rope. My parents and I had been looking for a project for about a year. We had always been in the VW world, fixing up Bugs and Karmann Ghias.

We had really decided on a hot rod, but because of the whole "rat rod" scene, the market for any type of rod was laughably expensive. Mercs, Fords, and most Chevys have been arguably overdone.

So we wanted something a little different. We looked all over the Phoenix area. Didn't have much luck. I looked all over the internet. Sites like Classic Car Trader and eBay weren't much help either.

I was aware of a site that may be the answer I was looking for. It is almost a mythical place where the members still revere the classic car and sit at the hub of hot rod culture. This was going to be my savior.

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Jalopy Journal's Hokey Ass Message Board would lead me to a guy by the name of FunHater who was a member of the car club Them! out of Tulsa.

He had a 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak. It was rough, but had a running flat 6 in it. That was huge to me. Even though I am not going to "restore" the car, I wanted to customize the car as my dad would have done in the 50's. Putting a boxed LS1 in it just wasn't the route I wanted to go. The current paint job was a paint brush coated lacquer that was the worst looking PICKLE green. FunHater had affectionately nicknamed the car "The Pickle." And so she was named!

So off the money went to Tulsa. I hired a small shipping company and two weeks later, The Pickle was mine....

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pikesan said...

Looks like a great project! I'd love to see it at

We welcome all HAMBers and we're in Phoenix too, so maybe we'll see you around.
Take it easy,