Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Ideas

I have collected a few ideas on what I want to do with the Pickle. Here are a couple of pictures of '50 Pontiacs. They've been shaved down. I like a lot of what they have done, but I am going to keep the silver streak chrome and illuminating Indian head. I have received mixed opinions about leaving some of the chrome. But I figure that if it doesn't look good, strip it and fill it.

I really believe this is the same car, Just photoed at two separate times.

My dad, growing up, had two '32 Fords and one '34 Ford. I heard many stories about how they were chopped and channeled. The interior compartment was so small that they had to sit on a crate to see through the mail slot windshield. After years of hearing this, I decided to that I wanted to customize the car as he and his friends would have when he was young.

Dad said the first thing he would have done was to take every ounce of chrome off of the car. But I want a little different of a look. But everything else will be as it would have been in 1956, when my dad was 16. To lower it, we are going to cut the springs in the front, and in the rear we are going to have the leafs de-arched and maybe a leaf or two removed. If that isn't low enough, we are going to add some lowering blocks.

So that's the mind set. Of course I am not too set in my ways to change, but that's our starting point.

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